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Colors Available *
Ocean Blue
King Crimson

* More colors spring/summer '06

Your voltage?

One thing to note when purchasing your vaporizer from VapoDepot - check the voltage requirements of the Vaporizer you are looking at. Following are some images of the types of plugs to help you out...

Regular 110-120 Volt
(North America)


220 Volt plug

12 Volt DC (Automotive) plug




Way cool clear design.
Removable, brushed ceramic bowl, safely heats your herb.
Diode lite gently reminds you to unplug your unit after each use.
Clear plastic mouthpiece is removeable for cleaning between uses.
Detachable body is dishwasher safe!. .

Ocean Blue (220 Volt, 110 Volt & 12 Volt)

King Crimson (220 Volt, 110 Volt & 12 Volt)

What users say...

Todd writes:
It was so nice to feel like I was dealing with a real person as opposed to the way a large company treats you....which is usually pretty crappy. This is a very cool, sturdy, well made unit, I couldn't wait to show my friends, thank you once again.

Chris from France writes:
I'm a past and future customer. Great Product !

Neal from Florida writes:
I was excited when I saw your product. It seemed much more compact and user friendly than other products on the market.

Jared from Texas writes:
I can't thank you enough for your time. You truly have held up to your commitment to the customer, and I want to thank you for that.

Phillip from New Mexico writes:
I found your web site through an aol search after looking at several sites . Your site was more informative and explained the product well. I'm looking forward to it's arrival.

Nathaniel from California writes:
My friend who goes to the same college as I do bought one of your deluxe vaporizers about two months ago. I used it with him once and it was incredible. I couldn't feel any irritation in my lungs and I felt the full effect of the plant that we were smoking.